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GAMESERVERS DayZ Server changes
On the 13th December 2018, [HIGH LOOT][NO STAMINA] will be becoming a slightly modded server. These modifications WILL NOT be compulsory, however if you do not have these mods installed, you may notice some small bugs (such as bleeding, while not actually losing blood).

We are still striving to provide a vanilla-eske experience while staying as true to DayZ's original vision as possible. You can download these mods (and any future mods we add) to your DayZ by visiting (note, if we add mods in the future, you will need to subscribe to them manually) or the easiest way to connect to our server, is to use DZSALauncher, which you can find here

For those who are interested in which mods we are pushing to the server they are as follows:
Admin tools (which allows us to teleport you when you're bugged!)
Classic Names & Descriptions (Reverts names back to their former glory)
InventoryPlus (allows you to move while having inventory open)
LogBaseBuilding (which will be replaced by DisableBaseDestruction at a later date)
Weapon Redux Mod (at a later date (once more testing is done))
Hey guys! Good to see a lot of you guys returning to DayZ to give it another shot with the release of beta. We were thinking of hosting an event within the next week or two and want to know what even you would like to see! Leave any suggestions for events down below!

See you in Chernarus, survivors!
Welcome to AusGaming!

After lots of work over the last few weeks, we are pleased to release our website and gaming community.

Some of you may know the staff here, as we were admins, (Dickie & Dibbles) co-founders, (Cyber Bandit) and users of Pipsi.

We all have one thing in common, we love DayZ, so we have decided to create a community, run by the community. Hosting servers for DayZ and potentially other games in future. We thought it best to go live with the site and servers now, in preparation for the release of DayZ 0.63.

Much like other popular servers, we will initially have a private hive master shard, and a linked subscription based server. At this stage, the plan is to have a main hive, which will have persistence wipes every 4 hours to ensure users can gain access to vehicles and loot, while the subscription based server will have persistence enabled to ensure your bases can remain safe.

In order to give you the experience which you deserve, we encourage suggestions and feedback, as ultimately we would like to have a server which appeals to everyone.

As the community grows, we will be hosting regular events and giveaways. If you have any ideas for an event, or particular giveaway, we would love to hear it!

If you would like to support the servers, then we encourage you to subscribe to our whitelist or donate to help cover server costs.