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    After lots of work over the last few days, we are pleased to release our new website, on our new domains.
    We have finally acquired and

    Unfortunately, in the process of making this change in preparation we have had to start fresh.
    This was a necessary step for us to ensure a clean user experience with less subscription related issues.
    We thought it best to move go live with the site now, in preparation for the release of DayZ 0.63.

    What improvements have we made?
    We've listened to the community over the last few months and have decided to drop the previous support ticket system. We've replaced it with a much simpler Support Forum to handle support related requests.

    We've also rebuild our subscriber system from the ground up, using more up to date software.
    This has allowed us to build a more dynamic system which in turn should stop the minor issues with subscriptions doubling up, and in some instances not renewing!

    In addition to the above, we are also working on integrating some extra functionality into the website once server files are released.

    What does this mean for you?
    Unfortunately, because of the nature of this migration, everyone will need to register again.
    We've tried to make the registration process as straight forward as possible with a new 'Register through Steam' option.

    What about my subscription?
    Again, because of the new domain and subscriber system, everyone will need to register again.
    Please ensure you cancel any existing subscriptions / ongoing payments you have with Pipsi and click the 'Get Sub' button at the top to gain subscription.
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