Admins kicking for pvp

Discussion in 'DayZ' started by EXO, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. EXO

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    Since the beta release and i assume the addition of admintools ive been kicked after firing at players 3 times, this isnt really in the spirit of dayz, ausgaming has been my go to server for a good 6 months now and im really dissapointed to see this happening
    id be interested to see if any others have experienced this
  2. DickieTheChamp

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    Hi Exo,

    Unfortunately, DayZ in it's current state is anything but stable. As a result, server crashes are not exactly an unlikely occurrence.
    I can assure you that Admins on the server are not resetting it to gain any advantage in game.

    We have seen a reduction in server crashes since the 1.0 release, but unfortunately, they do still occur...
    Other than attempt to reassure you we are not responsible for these resets, there is little I can do to "prove" it is not any of us that are responsible.

    Hopefully you will continue to play on the servers and they become more stable with future updates.
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