DayZ Event! Saving Private LAX! - 29/1/19

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    Good evening fellow Survivors,
    As we are settling into the new year, The AusG Staff team thought it would be a good time to organise a DayZ Event! The event details are below:

    MISSION X; Saving Priv. LAX

    Your mission is to retrieve LAX from an unknown position, The position of LAX’s whereabouts will be released once the event starts. Everyone will be teleported to Starey Sobor where a set of Traders will be set up with free prices. You will have 30 minutes to choose any gear you and your team would like and find your team and find a location that’s safe for when the grace period ends. Once the grace period is over the position of LAX will be given through global chat. Once you receive LAX you must successfully untie him and escort him to the another location that will be released when the event starts.

    Keep in mind there will be others trying to take LAX into their possession as well as the Terrorists holding him captive. You must do anything to to take him into YOUR possession.

    Cross teaming with the other squads will be resulted in a disqualification as well as further consequences.

    The Prize for untying LAX is a $10 credit, and $5000 Rubles for each individual in your team for the AusG Store.

    The Prize for successfully escorting LAX to the location (that will be released when the event starts) is a $15 credit, and $10 000 Rubles for each individual in your team for the AusG Store.

    To sign up to the event, comment below with the following format:

    1: (Your Name)
    2: (#1 Friend)
    3: (#2 Friend)
    4: (#3 Friend)

    If you do not have 3 other friends or you are solo, We will do our best to link you up to other solos and fill you in.

    DATE OF EVENT: Jan 29th TUE

    TIME OF PRE - EVENT (Gear up and Grace period): 8pm AEDT


    Best of luck @everyone,

    The AusG Staff Team.
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  2. MattyBraps

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    1: (MattyBraps)
    2: (Pilotmonty)
    3: (Baldmexican)
    4: (Neutral Nigel)
  3. Open

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    1: (Reef27)
    2: (Sikness)
    3: (Open)
  4. RippedPotato

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    1: (RippedPotato)
    2: (Cyko)
    3: (DoubleDeez)
  5. Red

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    1: (Red)
    2: (Lucky)
    3: (MeDzRoNmE)
    4: [TBA (maybe)]
  6. Red

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    1: (Red)
    2: (Lucky)
    3: (MeDzRoNmE)
    4: (Hendo)
  7. atila the fun

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  8. NineYeti

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    1: (NineYeti)
    2: (Donyell)
    3: (Odin)
  9. stupidAussie

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    1: (stupidAussie)
    2: (DDDeadly)
    2: (BillyBoy)
  10. Trump

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    1: Donald Trump
    2: Bill Clinton
    3: John Howard
    4: Scott Morrison