DayZ Server Event: PrisonBreak! 30/03/19

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    Good evening @everyone apart of the AusGaming Community,

    The AusG Staff Team have just finalised a new event that will take place on 30th March at 8:00 AEDT. The event will be on its own server under the name of “ Event Server”. This will be opened 1 hour before the event starts (7:00 AEDT). ATTENTION: This is a ‘Join on the night’ event but we do encourage registering, to register please comment you name in #event-discussions (on the discord) and or on the website.


    What is the event?

    The event will be hosted on Prison Island where everyone will be teleported to at the start of the event. The registered players will be split into two and half will be ‘Prisoners’ and the other half ‘Prison Guards’. There will be 5 hidden guns around the court yard that prisoners are allowed to find and kill the prison guards when the time is right. The first 3 prisoners to make it over to the mainland across the bridge will be the winners out of the prisoners. The top 3 Prison guards with the most kills following the rules will be the winners out of the prison guards. Each player will receive three lives not including the first ‘Spawning Life’.

    Prison Guard Rules

    1. All ‘prisoners’ must be allowed out twice for 10 minutes out of 30 minutes. How you manage this is up to you and your fellow guards.

    2. Shooting a ‘Prisoner’ If they are following rules will immediately result in death. Admins will be monitoring.

    3. As a ‘Prison Guard’ you do not have the right to demand stripping of the ‘prisoners’

    4. ‘Prison Guards’ are not allowed to search for the guns hidden, if ‘Prison guards’ are caught camping or searching for hidden guns they will be terminated.

    5. You must warn all ‘prisoners’ using VOIP before shooting. If they are carrying a firearm there is no warning necessary.

    6. ‘Prison Guards’ are not allowed on the bridge.

    Prisoner Rules

    1. If a ‘Prisoner’ is warned by a ‘Prison Guard’ you have 5 seconds before they are allowed to shoot you.

    2. You are allowed to search for guns, if you have a firearm on your back on in your hands ‘Prison Guards’ are allowed to shoot you.

    3. You have two 10-minute periods to find the hidden guns out of 30 minutes.

    General Rules

    1. You are working as a team, Have common courtesy and respect both your teammates and opponents.

    2. Killing teammates will result in immediate disqualification.

    3. Everyone has 3 lives’, once they are used you will not respawn back at the island.

    Best of luck and may the best man win,

    AusG Staff Team