[EVENT] King of the Castle

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    King of the Castle event!

    Saturday 19th October 2019 & 8pm AEST

    The event will be hosted at Nespesnov Castle on our Server
    The attacking team will have red armbands the defending team will have blue. The blue team will have a hostage that they will need to defend somewhere in the castle and the red team need to save them.
    The red team only has 1 hour to save the hostage before they are executed.

    1. AusGAMING server rules apply to all events. Please refresh these at https://www.ausgaming.net.au/help/rules/
    2. You are working as a team, Have common courtesy and respect both your teammates and opponents.
    3. Killing teammates on purpose will result in immediate disqualification (& a permanent ban from any future events).
    4. Blue team must stay inside.
    5. Min Squad size is 1. Max Squad size is 4. You must communicate through AusGAMING Discord (we will have channels setup for the event, occupy one of these for you & your squad) or in game. Anyone not in a Discord voice channel will be kicked from the server (you can have your mic muted).
    6. A Limit of 3 ghilliees will be allowed by each team.
    7. You must keep your armband on at all times! Anyone who does not have an armband on should be treated as hostile and killed on sight.
    8. You only have 1 life! Use it wisely!
    9. Your Discord Name MUST be the same as your in game name. Any names that don't line up will be kicked from the server.

    Register by replying below with the following information


Discussion in 'Events' started by AusG Bot, Sep 28, 2019.